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The Staff aboard -

Staff At Manhattan -Sharing with ESSILOR.

Attending to Optical Presentations - Vantage Transition Event - Manhattan, NYC's pier, NY

We've been attending to all type of events over the years to get the up-to-date eyewear innovations regarding frames and their designs and also lenses and their components and up to their edging processes, contact lenses as well and all types of accessories.

Here, at this Essilor's event, we were particating in the introduction to the market of their new transistion polarized lenses. The speaker conveyed good news about the new technology these new lenses are holding. It was really awesome to see a transition lens becoming polarized as it goes darkening.

The Staff Keeps Up-To-Date -

Sharing a Moment with Ray Ban Sunglasses at Vision Expo East, Javits Center, NY.

Another way to find yourself updated regarding the last technology in the world of eyewear and its entire related diversity of accesories is attending to the annual Vision Expo International event at Javits Center in New York City (NYC), NY, where you will be an eyewitness of the richness of inventions, innovation and out-of-this-world, helpful accesories that this field carries. It's amazing!

The Staff Keeps On Up - Staff at Event by Persol -At The Movie Image.

At this event with Persol we can tell of the tremendous night we had at the Museum of the Movie Image in Queens, NY, Where thirty years of stories were narrated by Persol, making a very good night, in the meantime the Hors d'oeuvre was taking place and being served by passing-by servers together with all kind of drinks to share. The presentation was related to Optical and movies. It was a fantastic night! The Transformers Films' Director was the speaker of that Night hosted by Persol.

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